Change is inevitable. Whether you’re changing cell phone carriers, doctors, or CPA's, we all experience it in some form. Switching practice management vendors is a big decision that can cause anxiety and uncertainty. The biggest reason to not switch is simply fear. You owe it to yourself, your staff and your patients to use the most modern, robust, and secure software. 

Below is a list of reasons to switch software along with a comprehensive overview of things to consider when switching Practice Management Software.

Why should I switch?


You are unhappy with existing features, missing features, support, or customer service.


Your computers are outdated and you have an opportunity to switch software and hardware at the same time.

Reduce IT Costs

Apple products are built for longevity, require less maintenance, and offer more virus protection than PCs.


The biggest reason dentists and doctors should consider changing is for AES data encryption and integrated secure messaging to protect patient information (PHI) and to avoid $1M fines for HIPAA violations. The biggest dental software vendor was recently fined by the FTC for misrepresenting their data security. 

Client Server vs. Cloud

More than 95% of dentists still run their practice on a server in their office. Servers may seem "old school" but you can control and protect your patient data and access to it. Ask questions: what is the total cost of ownership, where the data is stored, is the data encrypted, and is your data protected? Consider the vulnerability of the browser you will be required to use. Keep in mind that internet outages and sluggish performance affects your revenue. In the past few years, some of the largest companies in the world have experienced breaches and hacks of customer data. 

Ready to Switch?

Below is a comprehensive overview of things to consider when switching Practice Management Software.

Set Realistic Expectations

Remember - you are considering changing for a reasons so, even if the transition may not be perfectly smooth, it doesn't mean it's not worth it. Choose the right vendor and you'll be in good hands.

Communicate Clearly

Clear and effective communication is essential. Change can be scary. Make sure your staff is included in the transition plan and know that you may have to reassure them that you have made the best decision for the practice and your patients.

Data Migration

This is the process of moving your patient data and records from your current vendor into your new software. Choose a vendor that has an experienced, in-house conversion team and it will be a well-executed process. If you wish, data can be easily transferred from PC to Mac.

Don't Skimp on Training

Training is the most undervalued but most important part of successfully switching software. You can opt for online or onsite training, but having a trainer come to your practice is by far the most effective. Plan on 2-3 days of training for a smooth transition. The more you train, the shorter your learning curve. The shorter your learning curve, the sooner your revenue stabilizes.