With the end of the year fast approaching, it is the perfect time to straighten up disorganized and past due patient account ledgers. 

With the help of TransWorld Systems Inc. (TSI), offices can save time, money and headaches. TSI redefines the collection agency industry by providing healthcare organizations with better tools for accounts receivable, debt recovery and past due accounts.

Since 1970, TSI has been helping businesses recover more than six billion dollars in past due payments for more than 60,000 clients. It’s no wonder that TSI has a success rate four times the industry average. 

Integrating seamlessly with MacPractice software makes managing patient accounts even easier for staffers. And with everything done through TSI, staffers don’t have to worry about spending the effort to call dozens of patients, leaving voice mails that may never get returned calls. 

TSI will not only make calls to patients for your office, but also send out emails to ensure the patient is reached. This will also save staffers the trouble of printing extra statements to send with past due notices. 

To learn more about TSI, please visit our Alliance Partners page and view videos of what TSI Collections can do to help your office clean up A/R! And if you have further questions, contact our sales team

SPECIAL: Sign up for TSI Collections Manager Services in the month of August or September and receive 10% of your standard program rate! Call Mike or Jackie at TSI for more information at (877) 377-5378. You can also email Mike who is the TSI consultant with MacPractice. 

MacPractice partners with Transworld Systems for Past Due Accounts Solutions