After a couple of long years for doctors, practices everywhere are excited to grow their business, enhance patient care, and create a work culture they love. From developing a strategy to bring a practice's financial health into the future to technology's improvements and revenue cycle management, practices are finding opportunities for efficiency and engagement of staff and patients alike. Here are five #PracticeGoals your office can focus on over the summer. 

Better Management of Claim Denials

If you've noticed that your practice has received more claims denials from payers than you'd like, you're not alone. Efficiently managing claim denials can make or break your billing workflow. Practices are always looking to manage claim denials to bring harmony to their revenue cycle. This summer, practices tell us they will take extra care to monitor claim denials and stay on top of their billing. What are the top errors for which they'll be looking? Missing or Invalid Procedure Codes, patient ineligibility, duplicate claims, and resubmitting rejected claims. 

Automated billing tools like ERAs and Eligibility Checking can help cut down on claim denials. For example, MacPractice's Eligibility Checking seamlessly verify eligibility to avoid errors and rejections. These tools more than pay for themselves, considering the reduced revenue and increased bad write-offs. 

Refresh Staff Engagement

Happy staff, happy doctor. Practices want to focus on being great workplaces again. Focus on what you can do to help your entire team become critical players in your practice goals. From the front desk to clinicians, a cohesive workflow works to bring harmony to any practice. A few opportunities to discuss what goals staff bring to the table can get your team on the same page and moving forward with mutual objectives in mind. 

Enhance Patient Care with Communication 

Better patient care is always a goal. While there are thousands of ways you can make patient care a priority, practices say this summer they will focus on communication on treatment plans and procedures. Price transparency and providing upfront support in our first interactions with patients have become key to a better patient financial experience, especially when patients can easily shop around for services. 

Study up on New Regulations

It just never ends. Changes abound in healthcare, from new technology to continuing education to new procedures to billing regulations. Practices are setting the goal to be more proactive about payment rules, regulations, and payer notices and analyze how they might change their practice's policies this summer. 

Better Financial Health with Professional Billing

Billing is time-consuming and complex, but your practice can quickly lose out on thousands of dollars in reimbursements without the proper attention to your billing process over the summer. With all those staff vacations coming up, professional services like MacPractice Business Services can reduce rejections and denials, increase collections, and get your accounts receivable under control. Alleviating the burden of billing and coding can result in more money for your practice and more time for your staff to focus on other tasks and summer goals.  Request a quote to see if our services are suitable for your practice.