Choosing the right healthcare software to invest in is difficult. There are hundreds of features, capabilities, and issues providers must keep in mind when comparing the value between different software products. 

Software vendors are often quick to point out all of a product’s pros and none of its cons, so independent assessments of quality and value are incredibly useful for prospective clients. Unbiased reviews can provide objective references with comparison points to rank products.

For example, a recent report from Independent Clinicians Report compares software using several criteria:

  • Cost
  • Monthly Service Costs
  • Reported Use
  • Service Agreement Value
  • Seamless Upgrades
  • Return on Investment
  • Likelihood of Re-Purchase
  • Overall User Satisfaction

This report found that MacPractice DDS has one of the highest user satisfaction percentages (92%) across several key criteria including return on investment, clinical, business, and overall satisfaction. MacPractice was given the CR Choice designation in the March 2017 issue of the Independent Clinicians Report.

Providers can also ask their peers what technologies they are using to independently research potential software products. A recommendation from a colleague can be worth a great deal, even though software is never a one size fits all solution. You might also read reviews that a company provides to find out how the software you are considering has solved other problems for practices similar to your own. Consult with case studies and testimonials to get a feel for how other users have benefitted from the software. 

There is plenty of value in independently researching your platform choice and learning how it has benefited other companies, too. When you evaluate the cost of technology solutions, resist the urge to become fixated on the acquisition price rather than evaluating the total cost of ownership. IBM found that PCs are 3 times more expensive to manage, and that they save $535 for every Mac. Every Mac saves them money.

Choosing the practice management software that's right for your practice is an important decision, whether you're opening a new practice or transitioning from another product. Your practice management software is the center of your practice. Independent research can help you move through the hyperbole, and find a software company that can be a valuable partner in your business.

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