The market is saturated with healthcare software products. Choosing new software means choosing a new software company to which you will tie your own success, for better or for worse. Switching to a software product made by a vendor that isn’t set up to fully support your transition to their product can make or break your implementation, no matter how much you like their product. At MacPractice, we like to think of ourselves as partners in the success of your practice. Our secret recipe is our high-level, high-touch, and all hands-on deck approach to putting our whole team behind your team. 

Our trainers, sales representatives, support professionals, form designers, implementation coordinators, engineers, and more are behind your success when you choose MacPractice for your practice. Every new practice that chooses MacPractice is assigned an implementation coordinator to help coordinate all the details of the transition to software built with your practice in mind. Our Implementation Coordinators can assist your practice with choosing just the right MacPractice Abilities, like eClaims, eStatements, Digital Radiography, HL7 messaging, or Lab interfacing capabilities. Some areas even have practice consultants to guide you through choosing hardware, software outside of MacPractice, and networking, if you like. When it comes to the often critical software implementation period, MacPractice is your partner.

Despite what they may tell you, you don’t have to leave your patient data behind with your old software company, either. MacPractice can migrate data from many other software, including most PC and Mac products. Because we are committed to making the transition to MacPractice as smooth as possible, our conversions are performed right in our office, making them cost-effective and fast. It’s not just a robotic exchange of files, either. Our conversions team is made up of friendly folks who care about your patient data and take real pride in the security and accuracy of the patient health information you’ve spent a great deal of time and effort safeguarding. 

The MacPractice difference is that we want you to enjoy using our software! Quality training is directly tied to your success with any software or EHR product. MacPractice offers a full range of training options. Your switch to MacPractice includes an extensive multimedia user guide with built-in help videos and free regularly-scheduled live webinar classes. We offer training options including classroom training at MacPractice headquarters in Lincoln, NE, online phone training, and onsite implementation and training.  

Creating patient records in MacPractice is a highly customizable experience. Many practices that switch to MacPractice choose to use customized templates for their patient documentation. We offer products that allow you to build your own templates, or you can choose to have them created for you. 

At MacPractice, we work for you and your practice. We are dedicated to delivering the best practice management and clinical software to our clients, backed by world-class support and a focused, proven plan for your switch to MacPractice.