Among the many new features in MacPractice 5 is one of our newest Abilities, MacPractice EHR. EHR brings the functionality of the iEHR app for iPad to the desktop. To see a video introduction to EHR, click here. The list below contains 10 things to love about EHR. 


1. EHR is Familiar

EHR is iEHR for the desktop. The same interactions found in MacPractice iEHR for iPad are replicated in EHR, and you'll even complete forms from the same templates on either device.

2. Patient Forms are Shared

Forms are also shared across devices. A patient form created in EHR can be finished in iEHR for iPad, and vice versa.

3. Robust Template Library

The EHR Template Library offers a full range of useful templates in many specialties. You can download and use as many templates as you like for free.

4. Easy Encounter Sorting

EHR offers easier sorting of each patient encounter by allowing you to create new incidents for each encounter with the click of a button. Templates and the resulting patient forms or exported documents are efficiently organized by incident.

5. Clinical Summary View

Each Incident in EHR displays a clinical summary for quick access to important clinical information when it matters most. You can even export the incident to Patient Portal or transmit a Continuity of Care document to another provider with a few clicks.

6. Intuitive, Interactive UI

EHR is designed to be easy to use during an exam so you can spend more time interacting with the patient. Each template has a table of contents for quicker navigation. Each section in EHR captures a specific type of patient information, like allergies, vitals, medications or charges for billing. You can complete a template in its entirety, or interact with just one section at a time.

7. Snapshots

You can view the current narrative state or a backup of narratives from previous saves to see how the template has evolved as the visit progresses.

8. Pulling Data

Within EHR, existing patient data can be pulled to a patient form from existing EHR, iEHR, or Clipboard forms. Before you pull the data onto the form, you can review it for accuracy within each section.

9. Seriously Integrated Workflow

EHR is the ultimate tool for efficient workflow. EHR is deeply integrated with multiple MacPractice features, so you can create orders, order prescriptions, capture vitals, create referrals, and import attachments directly from the patient form.

10. Patient Tool Integration

EHR is integrated with patient tools like Patient Portal and Clipboard for iPad. You can send registration forms to the Patient Portal from EHR. Forms completed in Clipboard and Patient Portal will both appear in EHR.