If you've been referred to MacPractice by a colleague, you may have learned why the doctor that referred you relies on our software to run their practice. Referrals can be powerful motivators because the doctor that suggested our software to you probably knows enough about your practice to make that recommendation based on your day-to-day operations.

If you're ready to learn more, here is a list of resources we have to help you decide why and when to switch to MacPractice.

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Sign up for a Demo as the first step in getting to know MacPractice. Once you have access to our demo site, you'll get a close-up look at all the different features in MacPractice.

View our Webinars 

We have several pre-recorded webinars to help you learn more about MacPractice. Our 2020 Webinar Series focuses on current strategies from trusted partners who can help you and your practice during this challenging time. Also, don't miss "Is MacPractice Right for My Practice." It's an excellent overview and the right starting point for a broad overview of the MacPractice software. 

Blogs that May Interest You

Our blog is a substantial resource full of content for you to explore. Here are our top four blog recommendations for doctors considering switching software: 

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Is Now the Right Time?

It is a cliche at this point to say that times have been challenging or unprecedented. If your practice is like many others, you are now facing a reopening after closing for the Pandemic–something few of us could have ever predicted would make the impact on healthcare-based businesses like it did. In all this change and rebuilding, practices are deciding to invest in new software for their business because they suspect new challenges in billing, the demands of providing clinical care, and even the needs of their health population. Many doctors have had an opportunity to see just how essential technology can be to their daily operations, and there is no going back. 

You can learn more in our blog post, "Investing in Your Practice in Uncertain Times: Why practices are switching to MacPractice now."

MacPractice Refer-a-Colleague

We're interested in finding new clients that are the right fit. When a new practice comes to us from an established practice, we know that they've taken reasonable care to consider our software and should be rewarded. We recently launched the MacPractice Refer-a-Colleague program where you can earn 10% off your Support Fees when you sign up for a year of service and pay in full in advance.