The internet has changed the way we obtain information and learn. In the past 10+ years, there has been an increasing emphasis on e-learning as a way to educate and advance knowledge. And while, there is no question that e-learning has benefits and its place, instructor-led, live training is still effective and has its place in your journey for life-long learning in a blended learning environment.  Here are six reasons to consider going to a live event this year.

1. Focus

With all the distractions these days, it’s hard to focus. Attending an instructor-led training in a live setting allows learners to better concentrate on what it being taught. No one is stopping by your office, your phone isn’t ringing, there are no pings from your Mac alerting you to a new mail message or that funny cat video everyone is talking about.

It’s also common during e-learning to multi-task and take phone calls, answer emails or do other things. So while you might get credit for taking a course this way, did you really learn anything? Sometimes, we need to get out of our “plugged in” world to truly pay attention. 

2. One-on-one learning opportunity

In a live, face-to-face training, attendees have the opportunity to be a part of the experience. Instructors may notice a participant having a specific problem understanding a topic or in applying the learning to their practice. These types of dialogues can actually add value to everyone’s experience by digging deeper into subjects that impact the whole group. Even if you don’t break into the dialogue, you can still get your specific question answered during a scheduled break.

3. Learn from other participants

Live instruction is exciting because it’s live – and you never know what’s going to happen or what is going to come up.  There is no substitute for the additional real-world experience from your peers (better yet, peers that you don’t compete for customers with). They might just have some insight in their practice that solves a problem or shows another way. 

4. Opportunity for practice

We all know that practice makes perfect. Students in an in-person training event can test their newly-acquired skills with the instructor and each other.  Some of us learn from reading a manual or trial and error, but many people are visual learners – so that keyboard shortcut or solution you’ve been looking for can be reinforced better in live training.

5. Go team!

Live training events are a great opportunity to take the whole team along and advance everyone’s knowledge. Learning together is good for business and team morale.

6. You’re more invested

How invested are you when you’re sitting in front of your computer wishing it were Friday? You can always rewind if you get distracted (even though you don’t). You can always re-watch that section you didn’t really understand (but you won’t). Why? Maybe it’s because you have no skin in the game. 

With live training, you’re invested. You’ve taken off work. You’ve spent the money. You’re invested in many ways. You are all in. And that translates to a deeper level of commitment on your part and leads to a deeper level of learning.

In the end, we all learn differently; a hybrid approach where you mix online learning with live training makes sense. Like a walk in the park, going to a live training event can open your mind and reinvigorate you and your team for a successful year.

Interested in live training on MacPractice? Join us at our upcoming User Conference.