At MacPractice, we understand that your software is not and should never be your first priority. Our philosophy is “Simplicity in Practice” because you deserve to “simply practice.” Healthcare software needs to be designed to be simple, yet robust. Many healthcare professionals find that efficient technology can enhance patient care rather than hinder from it. Practice Management and clinical software that truly supports patient care will aim to balance the complexity of your work. It should offer simplicity, quality, and compatibility. 

Simplicity means that devices should just work. Simplicity and ease of use in practice management or EHR software is especially appreciated by healthcare professionals and healthcare billing and coding professionals that work with complex equipment or treatments. Logging in to MacPractice is an oasis of simplicity when contrasted with the hectic complexity of the average small practice working environment. 

Quality software works well. Healthcare practitioners and doctors of all types, whether they be pediatric dentists or orthopedic surgeons, demand high quality tools in all that they do. The precision and detailed design of MacPractice, paired with the and superior build of Mac computers, feels more like using an FDA regulated dental devices or medical grade equipment that providers already trust.

Compatibility means software should just work with your devices. MacPractice supports many imaging and digital radiography devices, and all Mac native devices. MacPractice is designed with optimal user experience in mind, with maximum compatibility and stress-free configuration. 

What we know from working with over 30,0000 users is that their work is already complex. MacPractice develops and supports the best Mac medical software, Mac dental software, Mac chiropractic software, and Mac optical software for doctors who prefer the simplicity and elegance of Apple computers. We have one of the highest user satisfaction percentages across several key criteria including return on investment, clinical, business, and overall satisfaction. MacPractice is simply designed for your practice and gives doctors access to exceptional software at a reasonable cost. With MacPractice, you can focus on patients, not paperwork.