The National Learning Consortium’s claims that, “EHR implementation training is crucial to realizing the full potential of your EHR,” despite being one of the larger investments of implementation. For many busy practices, the investment is not just the cost, but also time. According to a 2012 National Center for Health Statistics survey, lack of adequate training is #4 among the top barriers to EHR adoption. The report estimates that over half of healthcare organizations under-allocated time for training on their EHR system.

Training directly with a MacPractice Trainer is one of the most efficient and valuable learning experiences available, but setting aside a week to train in your practice after the initial implementation period is a huge time investment. We’ve developed the MacPractice User Conference series for our clients that want to build on their initial training without interrupting their practice. Your office may have grown to include new staff, require a more optimized workflow, or need more specific, advanced knowledge since your first training. MPUC offers multiple trainers, concurrent sessions, and an undeniable value when it comes to efficient role-specific training. 

Our MacPractice User Conference series does amazing things for our clients.

  • We have seen new clients jumpstart their office at MPUC, then hit the ground running with the lasting knowledge gained.
  • We have seen long time clients discover features with the enthusiastic realization that they can improve their work every single day from then on.
  • We have seen overwhelmed Practice Managers leave empowered.
  • We have seen Meaningful Use evolve from a monster (as one client put it) to deep workflow knowledge and real incentive payments.
  • We have seen offices inspired to become completely paperless, then gain the practical skills to achieve their goal.

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