Strong technical support is paramount to the user experience that any clinical software can provide. A new Black Book survey reported that below average EHR software tech support actually inhibits quality patient care delivery, according to 85% of users. When clinical software companies don’t offer tech support, the doctors and practices that use those software products have less of a chance to focus on patients and providing quality care. Many healthcare professionals also reported that the loyalty to their place of employment was positively influenced by the quality of the software used and software tech support experience.

What makes excellent tech support? According to the survey, software companies that offer users a one stop support shop had the highest satisfaction level. The survey also responded that 95% of respondents prefer support based in North America (the respondents' country of origin and location of the study)  and by experts in not just technical support, but healthcare industry-best practices. Additionally, 77% of respondents thought outsourced tech support was unsatisfactory, especially when language was a barrier. 

Choosing practice management software is a critical business decision and will aid in the success of your business. With EHR software being such a new and exciting business - a lot of new vendors have appeared. Not all software is created equally. For example, some companies simply sell a software — they don’t create it, provide constant maintenance to the product, or even train and facilitate the technical support the company provides, if any. 

Here at MacPractice, everything is designed, created, implemented, and supported inhouse at our corporate headquarter in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are constantly adding new updates based on customer feedback, which is a feature you might not get with other softwares. MacPractice has one of the highest user satisfaction percentages (92%) across several key criteria including return on investment, clinical, business, and overall satisfaction and was given the CR Choice designation in the March 2017 issue of the Independent Clinicians Report. 

The MacPractice Support Department is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer support experience possible to you and your staff. Clients experiencing problems causing their system to be down are contacted within a maximum of 90 minutes if we are not able to answer live. We will do everything we can to get you up and running again quickly. In addition to our Support Department, MacPractice provides a robust and thorough help section included in the software that can provide immediate assistance and training to you and your staff.

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