Did you know that the average practice spends up to $162 every month on faxing. For every 5,000 fax pages, these costs include $72 on toner, $50 per case of paper and $40 for each fax line – this doesn’t even factor in staff cost, time and disruption. If you consider office staff spends approximately 2 minutes per fax – going to and from the fax machine, manually dialing numbers, printing and filing transmission reports, scanning faxes into charts and locating or duplicating work to find faxes or fax them again. Now, think about the number of faxes your practice gets every day. Multiply each of those two-minute segments by the rate you pay your office staff - that's how much faxing is costing your practice and it’s always more than what doctors think it is.

Whether you are doing your part for the environment, keeping an eye on your practice’s financial bottom line or just trying to reduce the piles of papers that take over most offices - there are many reasons for going paperless in your practice. There are also significant cost-reducing benefits as well.  Technology can help, but too many systems...or windows on your screen can actually complicate your workflow even further. 

Integrated Network Fax provides MacPractice users the solutions you need to have all practice faxes consolidated into one universal inbox where they can be responded to, forwarded, copied, signed, routed and filed online. Integrated fax is available within the MacPractice application and can also be accessed anywhere with an internet connection (not limited to your Mac at the practice!) so physicians can review, sign off and file on the go.

More Patients, Less Paper

With Integrated Network Fax, you are on your way to being paperless as your document arrives to your inbox as a PDF. Depending on where it came from, it can be queued to arrive at one specified inbox (for example, lab reports go to one inbox, referrals to another). That PDF can be divided up page by page so that only the necessary pages are routed, filed or refaxed. Online editing tools let you edit faxes to add information, make notes, highlight key information, date items, redact data or personal information or insert a signature. Everything is electronic - nothing needs printed or scanned. Then, that edited fax can be routed for review, faxed back out and filed in the MacPractice patient chart - all at the same time! And if that return fax number is busy, there's nothing else to do. The software keeps on refaxing until it goes through and you can easily go back check the status to see when it was delivered. There’s no printing, copying, scanning, walking faxes around for signature or adding to stacks of paper waiting to be filed in charts. Integrated Network Fax built-in MacPractice powered by Updox lets you focus more on patients and less on paperwork. 

Integrated Network Fax offers the only integrated solution that provides a cohesive care coordination suite fully integrated with MacPractice - and can be accessed from the very same MacPractice window where you document patient care. Updox for MacPractice lets you shift your focus more to more patients and less to management of paper, or multiple applications from various technology partners. If your practice is looking to lower costs, increase revenue, enhance workflow, maximize staff time and increase efficiencies, your practice is ready for Integrated Network Faxing for MacPractice powered by Updox. Schedule a demo and see for yourself.

Learn more at www.macpractice.com/updox