In a billing crisis, many practice’s turn to third-party billing services to help them scale the immediate trouble. Short term services (usually less than 6 months) are perfect to help practices overcome a temporary billing crisis. With flexible plans and competitive pricing, many practice also consult MacPractice Business Services for a quick training, preparing for staff medical leave, or even better billing management.

If you’ve considered hiring a billing service to free up your time to see patients, a free quote from MacPractice Business Services will help you decide how third-party billing services can work for your practice. To provide you with a detailed quote, our team will evaluate elements of your current revenue cycle and determine the state of fiscal health of your practice’s billing. 

The revenue cycle of most practices has opportunities for growth and greater financial stability. Since every practice is unique, we tailor our services and pricing make sure you’re only paying for the services you need. Our quote provides you with an analysis of your practice's billing procedures, and we can even offer training to amplify your billing success in the future. 


Our experienced team helps recover lost revenue and increase reimbursement while freeing up time to focus on patient care. We also simplify billing for practices so that they can increase reimbursements and spend less time on collections.

Whether you're looking for quick training, preparing for staff medical leave or just need billing management, we offer short term, long term or hourly plans to suit your needs.