In business, deciding what not to do is just as important as deciding what to do. Delegating tasks is arguably one of the most important skills to master as a physician and practice owner. When it comes to delegating your billing to another source, making the right decision can free you up in more ways than you might think.

MacPractice has long understood the time and effort practices must put into billing. A few years ago, we launched MacPractice Business Services to help our clients thrive by putting this task in the hands of experienced, dedicated professionals who know our software. If you’ve considered outsourcing billing responsibilities, then consider the cost to hire a new employee is $4,129, not including benefits. This doesn’t even account for the ‘found savings’ normally realized when a professional biller handles your medical billing. In the long-run, the savings of outsourcing your medical billing outweigh the costs.

Looking for more reasons to outsource your billing than just costs alone? Consider these four reasons to outsource your billing to MacPractice Business Services:

Outsource to Grow Your Practice

The faster your practice is growing, the more directions you’ll find your attention pulled. You may find yourself overwhelmed with providing for your patients, supporting your employees, growing your business, and managing your reputation. Rather than weigh staff down with something you can outsource, you can choose to take those administrative tasks off their hands and empower them to provide meaningful patient care and service during your growing pains. You’ll be investing in a cycle of growth when your staff can focus on delivering quality to patients.

Outsource for Increased Patient Satisfaction 

Patients have expectations of quality service, and failing to meet them during a single encounter could make that appointment the last with your practice. Most practices tell us that patient satisfaction is at the core of every business decision they make. The quality of service that patients receive when it comes to billing and financial matters is just as important in healthcare as it would be in any other business. When you or your staff take on the additional role of billing, it can leave your patients feeling undervalued.

Outsource to Save Energy

Claim denials cost your practice time and money to correct and managing multiple denials, and resubmissions draw from your workflow and productivity in invisible ways. Some practices become too overwhelmed to regularly research detail reasons, gather up the data needed to make a case, and then resubmit the claim. If this sounds like your practice, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars. Expert billing by MacPractice Business Services prevents errors and processes resubmissions on your behalf.

Outsource to Focus on Care

Your patients demand quality customer service from both you and your staff. The truth is, billing can get in the way of that dynamic. Just like patient care is why you became a doctor, it’s why your staff want to work for your practice. It’s also why your patients chose you. Since everyone involved agrees, don’t let lousy billing get in the way of the service and care you all value. Instead, hire the best and be the best.