Five Ways to Refocus on Workflow

New Year, New Practice? Perhaps you haven’t resolved to completely overhaul your workflow in the coming year, but find yourself hoping to lighten the load or create a bit more harmony in the office. Changes need not be enormous to be effective, and the right tweaks can seriously impact your day or even your bottom line. Here are five small, straightforward ways to refocus on your practice workflow in 2020. 

Focus on Financial Health

To maximize your profits in the coming year, you’ll need to develop a strategy that brings your practice’s financial health into the future where the revenue cycle management process just isn’t getting easier. Spotting and seizing opportunities for efficiency, staff satisfaction, and patient engagement can play a crucial role in improving your bottom line.

Know Your Common Billing Errors

According to Medical Billing Advocates of America, up to 80% of medical bills contain errors, and it’s not just in hospitals – small to mid-size practices lose revenue and valuable staff time to avoidable mistakes, too. Familiarize yourself with some of the most common billing errors and what to do to avoid or correct them.

Improve Patient Collections

As patient payment responsibly has increased, so have challenges for practices who wish to maintain a quality revenue cycle. Practices need better patient collections to keep the same provider revenue. Focus on implementing cost-effective point-of-service patient collection tools and strategies to help maintain a healthy revenue stream and revenue cycle.

Prioritize Your Practice’s Image

More than 73% of patients say that positive reviews make them trust a practice more. Developing an online reputation management strategy will help you put your best foot forward when it comes to your practice’s online image. MacPractice Reputation Marketing puts you in control of your online reputation by delivering feedback and patient reviews in real-time, so you can take control of your image and then promote it online.

Improve the Patient Experience

A recent Healthcare Consumer Study found that half of healthcare consumers are frustrated with their provider’s patient billing and collections. When asked to rate the worst part of their experience with a provider, the majority took issue with pre- or post-visit administrative processes beyond clinical care. Your practice can improve the patient experience with online payment options, upfront cost estimations, and more.