Just as it has shifted priorities for patients and practices, the pandemic has changed a lot about healthcare, particularly when it comes to the technology that practices depend on. More practices than ever find themselves adopting new technology. However, adopting technology and adapting to it as a practice isn't necessarily a synchronized experience. The future of practice technology is in finding the right fit and investing in technology companies that truly partner with practices. 
recent survey by IDG found that healthcare IT leaders are developing strategies to invest in areas critical to small to mid-sized practices—security, productivity, and patient experience.


With the growing demand for clinicians and other support staff to work remotely, security has become a top priority. The increase in access points from healthcare professionals' homes means more critical weaknesses and blindspots where security can be challenging to manage. Many small to mid-sized practices are brushing up on their HIPAA procedures, retraining staff on best practices, and even implementing new security protocols for staff. 

The security of patients and practices has always been a top priority for MacPractice. We use industry-standard AES data encryption and integrate secure messaging to protect your patient's information (ePHI) and communications, whether that data is at rest or in motion. Since our founding, best practices in security and security safeguards beyond HIPAA-compliance have been built right into our software. Security isn't new to us, and it certainly isn't an afterthought.


Practices need technology tools that can make their challenging jobs smoother, improve patient experience, cut costs, and enhance productivity. Survey findings show that nearly half of all healthcare organizations plan to invest in technology in the coming months, including productivity software and mobile solutions. The main goal is to use technology to improve workplace productivity. Access to real-time information, collaboration, and mobile access to practice data are among the top priorities. 

At MacPractice, we have always designed our software to help practices be more productive with it than without. We do this by carefully listening to and working with our clients across multiple specialties. No one knows a doctor's office like doctors. We have also carefully cultivated our relationships with third-party partners to provide you with productivity-enhancing products and services. We've carefully optimized any product or service we work with to work with MacPractice or have integrated it into your software entirely. Productivity is our core. 

Patient Experience

From telehealth to patient portals, online offerings have skyrocketed throughout the pandemic.

Unfortunately, adoption has been more about adaption than patient experience when it comes to these technologies. Practices eager to progress with technology and offer the same level of patient care as before the pandemic may find themselves under pressure to conform their workflows to the tools they have. In this survey, 45% said they plan to restructure their process to align with the new technology they are now using to improve patient experience strategies. 

The goal of improving personal or office workflow is certainly admirable if not necessary in this pandemic. It's also true that software and other technology shouldn't dictate how your practice works. The tools you need to run your practice should already support and enhance your productivity, especially since many challenges are beyond anyone's control. This is why MacPractice is designed around the workflows that real physicians and their staff use in practice. Software built for you is vital at this moment in time. Technology adoption in crisis is not likely to improve your practice when that technology was not designed with input and influence from real practices similar to your own. 

About us

MacPractice is a client-centric practice management and clinical software development company comprising of highly experienced and caring individuals, dedicated to the development and first-class support of best-of-class software, and associated services for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and eye care professionals.