We're always improving MacPractice based on the feedback we get from our clients, and the workflows we learn from the practices who use our software. Last year was full of growth and changes for our company, and our software! We want to start 2019 by celebrating some of the new features we've been able to bring to your practice in MacPractice 10.

MacPractice version 10 aims to improve the user experience by increasing compatibility options (macOS Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave), adding new features, and redesigning existing features for increased user control. We’ve added so many features and enhancements lately, that is truly tough to pick our favorites. You can check the release notes for a complete list of updates, or watch our video for an overview at a glance. For now, here are a few views at what’s new!

Accounting Ability

The fresh, new Accounting Ability was designed for users who review transactional information for the entire practice. It allows you to easily track all production by individual providers, review the Accounts Receivable by Insurance Companies, and track all changes made to ledgers over a period of time. 

The Accounting Ability’s General Ledger gives you access to Financial Accounts, a breakdown of all ledger transactions organized by type and displayed over a period of time the you define. The Journal lists all financial transactions within the set date range chronologically in order from oldest to newest so that you can easily identify the most recent events. For more information on the Accounting Ability, please see our Help Site tutorial, How to Use the Accounting Ability.

Redesigned Clinical Tab

The Clinical Tab got a makeover that allows you to customize the content. You can now change colors, reorganize, and hide sections (now called widgets) with the click of a button. We’ve improved workflow with the new Preview button, which allows you to quickly glance at information without the sometimes time consuming need to fully load it in a different Ability.

Learn more about how to organize the redesigned Clinical Tab and use the improved features on MacPractice Help. 

Integration with Jive

MacPractice has partnered with Jive to improve workflow and to provide integrated telecommunications solutions within your software. The integration allows you to call patients from directly from the Patients Ability with a click. We’ve also added intelligent caller ID in the new Communicator window. This will pull up your patient's information when they call your practice. You’ll never have to ask your patients to spell their last name or hold while you locate their record.

More Easily Find References

We’ve added many new References since our first version of MacPractice, and that list was getting long! You can now more easily navigate the list and find your References from within categories like Billing, Clinical, Communication, Forms, and so on.

Modern Lists

We’ve added a more modern and robust Lists option to replace the MacPractice drawer. Apple is phasing out the functionality that makes the Drawer possible in High Sierra. Apart from getting ahead of the curve, adding Lists allows us to give you an easier way to schedule repeating appointments and a cleaner way to create and manage Transparency Blocks and Types. 

Messaging Enhancements

We’ve given the Messaging Ability a ton of improvements to make it easier to use. Messages with Attachments or that have been replied to in the Mailbox will now have indicator icons. You’ll also see an associated referrer name, a patient and account number, and a delivery date on portal messages. You can also now print a message!

MacPractice DDS Changes

We've added the Dental Timeline to Restorative Charting to allow you to flip between visit dates and visually review all changes on a patient's chart. You can use the forward and back buttons to cycle between dates, or you can select a specific date from the drop down menu.

We’ve also added Quadrant buttons for enhanced workflow and easier navigation and improved to the annotation features in Digital Radiography, allowing you to copy/paste annotations, rotate most objects and add arrowheads to line-tool lines with a right-click action, and add a drop shadow to text for added visibility. You can also now archive Digital Radiography images and select only those filters which you most often use. 

It’s the Little Things

Sometimes small changes really add up. We’re proud these top five little details that are a big hit with our clients. 

  • When installing or upgrading MacPractice, you no longer need to restart your server computer. 
  • You can now send Attachments to patients in the Patient Portal.
  • We’ve added the Favorites functionality to the Diagnosis Code Selector  in iEHR so you can pull all codes marked as a Favorite in MacPractice. 
  • As you drag an appointment on the Schedule, it will now snap to the exact schedule block in the new position so you don’t have to just hope you’ve gotten the right line.
  • You can now jump straight to a patient’s appointment in the Ledger by right-clicking and selecting “Go To” from the resulting menu.