Whatever you aspire to do with your practice, no matter your office role, we have a session at MPUC designed to help bring your vision to life. We've listed the top ten frequently asked questions below, along with the MPUC Session designed to answer each. For a full itinerary or to register for MPUC, visit our User Conference website. 

How can my practice become more successful with MacPractice?

Join our Guest Speaker Roger Klassen, OD as he discusses his experience in Setting Yourself Up for Success with MacPractice.  

What are my medical record documentation options with MacPractice?

Join us for Medical Record Options, where we will explore and compare options for maintaing medical records with MacPractice.

How do I learn new features before I update to the latest version?

Join us for New in MacPractice 5, an overview of the most recent features.

I'm new to MacPractice. Where do I start?

We have a New User Concentration that includes sessions on three core Abilities: the Ledger, Schedule, and Patients Ability. 

How do we go paperless?

Paperless Workflow Tips will include tips on iPad apps, Attachments, Orders, and other tips to become paperless using MacPractice. 

Can you help with Meaningful Use Attestation?

We have an entire Meaningful Use Concentration, including unique classes for Stage 1 and Stage 2. Additionally, we have One-on-One Sessions with our Meaningful Use Specialists. 

How can I use MacPractice apps to streamline the patient experience?

Our session on Clipboard and iEHR addresses the basics of these powerful apps and how they can be used together to keep electronic records.

How can I better organize my Ledger?

Our Advanced Ledger session provides tips for better managing transactions within the Ledger to eliminate clutter and disorganization.

How can I use Reports smarter?

We have sessions on Marketing Reports and Reports for Management to teach you how to harness and analyze your own data.

How can I avoid unnoticed outstanding claims and balances?

Our Claims Management Session explores using the Claim Manager and Reports to successfully oversee a volume of claims.

MacPractice User Conference 2014 Series

MacPractice MD, DC, and 20/20 | August 3-6, 2014 | Register