Optometry billing presents unique challenges in financial reimbursement, especially when it comes to maximizing the benefits of medical billing and coding. Doctors and small to medium practices of nearly all specialties can benefit greatly by understanding billing and coding or working with medical billing specialists, like the team at MacPractice Billing Services, to make sure their practices are billing at maximum capacity and performing well as a business.

Working with multiple insurance companies at once is one of the most complex aspects of billing for optometrists. Medicare billing can be especially challenging. Hiring a billing expert or service is especially beneficial when it comes to navigating the terrain of insurance billing and understanding the best ways to work with each unique insurance company, including how to get reimbursement for your services and procedures. MacPractice Billing Service can help you understand the appropriateness of your standard fees in comparison to what the carrier expects to pay out.

Accurate coding is essential to avoid unnecessarily reduced reimbursements or outright claim rejection. The American Optometric Association or American Academy of Ophthalmology are great resources for information on billing and coding basics if you want to learn more about medical billing. It's a different skill than clinical expertise, and a difficult system to master while also providing quality patient care. One of the most appreciated aspects of working with MacPractice Billing Services is that you'll immediately have a partner with this expertise so that you can focus on clinical excellence and patient care.