It has been a great debate over the years: Which is cheaper to manage, a Mac or a PC? 

While Macintosh computers can boost a higher price tag for upfront cost, a recent study from IBM says that Mac computers are three times cheaper to manage than a PC system, and they have the savings cost to back it up. 

IBM saves an average of $133 dollars for every Mac computer used, with savings as high as $270 per mac computer. That might seem like a small number to some, but multiply that by 90,000 Mac users and the end result is impressive. 

According to a 2015 survey by JAMF, 96% of companies support the Mac platform and 81% of IT pros would rather support OS X than other competing platforms. IBM found that their users also support more Macs in the work environment as less IT support was required. 

IBM also noted that infrequent OS updates also had a direct effect on how often the computers needed management. Fletcher Previn, the IBM VP of Workplace as a Service, said that "we [IBM] have to go out and manage the Mac environment 104 fewer times a year than PC.” 

In a medical or dental office, malfunctioning computers can back up appointments and potentially force an office to close its doors for a day, or more, while repairs are underway. Most offices can not afford those types of delays when it comes to dealing with patient health and running a business. 

The Mac platform requires less maintenance, fewer updates and has top notch security, not to mention simplistic and timeless design. Coupled with a software like MacPractice, users enjoy a unique and effortless practice management system.