According to a survey of IT professionals, Apple products are easier to manage in security, device configuration, software deployment, and support - 62% said the Mac is easier to deploy.

Apple’s growing popularity enterprise is fueled by device choice programs, where employee preference leans towards Apple devices. Of employers surveyed, 44% offered a choice between a Mac or PC, leading to a 74% increase in Mac adoption. For example, IBM now has the largest Mac deployment for enterprise after deploying almost 100,000 new Macs through their company choice policy. Nearly 73% of IBM employees choose a Mac.

Educators also choose Apple. Of K-12 schools, 90% use iPads, and 70% use Mac. In post-secondary education, 80% use Macs. In 2013, 50% of all classrooms devices were Apple and those products are largely still in use today. Even with the growing use of new, cheaper Chromebooks purchased for student use, Macs account for a higher percentage of laptops used in classrooms.