You’ve probably heard that many people are switching to Mac products after a rash of ransomware like Wanna Cry, Petya, and other PC malware and viruses continue to infect Windows users. 

Security is a popular reason to switch recently, but 80% of millennials already prefer Macs, and their popularity is growing. Today 61% of companies offer employees a choice of computer platform, and 73-80% of their employees prefer for Macs. When IBM offered their employees Macs, they discovered every Mac purchase actually saves the company $535 over 4 years. Additionally, PC users at IBM require IT support 8 times more than Mac users, and require 5.4 times more onsite support. IBM found that PCs even cost 3 times as much to manage. 

According to Mark Hollis, MacPractice CEO, “MacPractice users typically spend no more than a few hundred dollars a year on IT support, while Windows users spend $6-13,000 in a medium-sized practice. Our users thousands yearly, and their patients’ data is more secure with automatic virus protection, security and full disk encryption built into macOS. Unlike Windows, both macOS operating system and security are free.”

Using Macs in a doctor’s office saves money, and adds quality, ease of use, and dependability. Macs represent to patients the highest level of technology and security in a doctor’s office. Is your office as healthy as it can be with anything else?