As the availability of and market for EHR software, including practice management and clinical software, continues to expand, the number of options has increased so much that many practice’s feel overwhelmed when seeking out new softwares. Software is a key business partner for your practice. 

MacPractice DDS has one of the highest user satisfaction percentages (92%) across several key criteria including return on investment, clinical, business, and overall satisfaction and was given the CR Choice designation in the Independent Clinicians Report.

Key criteria in this report included initial cost, monthly service fees, service agreements, seamless upgrades, return on investment, whether the practice staff would repurchase the software, whether the clinical staff would repurchase the software, and overall satisfaction. 

From a service and support prospective, the Independent Clinicians Report measured using criteria that empowered dentists to feel secure knowing the company was stable and sustainable. It recognized that software developers deal with increasing complexity in hardware, and that those systems can add additional complexity to supporting the practice management and clinical software. 

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