Chiropractic software should be designed by people that listen to chiropractors and understand chiropractic care, including the unique challenges in clinical documentation, practice management, and billing procedures. Selecting MacPractice DC as your chiropractic practice management and clinical software means that you’ll not only get a vendor with over 20 years experience working with and listening to chiropractors just like you, but you’ll also get a quality software that acts as a business partner and never calls in sick, is always reliable, and is dedicated to your practice’s success. 

Software customized for chiropractors is designed around the typical workflows of practices in your specialty and the needs chiropractic offices frequently encounter. MacPractice DC means business - we listen to our users and design a robust set of features that work like they do. When chiropractors offer us feedback on MacPractice DC, we listen. 

More generic clinical or practice management software options may not have the features, information, or adaptability that chiropractors need to function at a high level. Chiropractic appointments are different from standard medical or dental appointments, and your software needs to be designed with the ability to adapt to suit your needs without endless configuration, if at all. Also, during implementation and through ongoing support, MacPractice offers a team of individuals experienced in working with chiropractic offices. With other vendors, you may struggle to get the help and advice you need to set yourself up for success using their product.

As you look for software for your chiropractic practice, make sure that the vendor has provided testimonials from actual chiropractors so that you can make the best choice possible given the context of your practice and unique qualities of chiropractic care.  As you test software and interview vendors, find out how much they know about chiropractic offices. Tell them your needs and ask how their product will work for you. 

MacPractice is simply designed for your chiropractic practice. MacPractice DC gives chiropractors access to exceptional software at a reasonable cost. We also back it up with a full spectrum of integrated software, hardware solutions, and best-of-class support. These video testimonials of real MacPractice DC users are a good example of chiropractors that are happy with their software:

Practice Spotlight: Dr. Darryl Roundy
Testimonial: Brant Petersen, DC