For more than 17 years, MacPractice has created a best-in-class medical, dental, chiropractic, and ophthalmology software for macOS and iOS. MacPractice is a client-centric company staffed by highly experienced and caring individuals who are dedicated to the development of software that helps family practices deliver efficient patient experiences. Today, the company has launched the “Mac is Back” campaign as an initiative to optimize the performance of the Customer Support department.

As part of the campaign, the team has been focusing on improving the customer service experience, increasing customer satisfaction, and optimizing support responsiveness by ensuring the following pillars:
  • Better understand our customers by collecting as much data as possible in order to learn more about the problems the customers are facing and how to best resolve them quickly. 
  • Align on and execute a cohesive strategy through enhancing the service, managing ticket volume and reducing the issue resolution time.
  • Build strong relationships with our customers by increasing availability of service representatives, proactive calls and follow up calls.

We interviewed Mr. Loqman Ahmed, Customer Success Manager at MacPractice, to talk more about the new changes being implemented in the customer support department and his passion for enhancing the customer experience. Throughout the interview, Loqman emphasized on the importance of the customer support department, stating:

“’s important that customer care teams embrace that they are the ambassadors of a company’s name and guardians of its reputation throughout the client journey.”
-Loqman Ahmed, Customer Success Manager, MacPractice

Q. Tell us about yourself and experience.
A.  I am Loqman, 33 years old and I’m the loving-father of 2 daughters. I have 10 years of diverse experience in different fields related to customer care, customer experience & customer service quality management, account management and customer success.

Before working for Valsoft’s MacPractice as a Customer Success Manager, I worked in multinational companies such as Vodafone UK and Delivery Hero where I was part of, led and coached teams responsible for improving clients’ experience and care. 

Q. Why did you join Mac Practice?
A. I have several members of my family who work in the medical field, and I have seen how important practice management technology is to create a more convenient environment for them to serve and support patients. This is especially true when the technology is coupled with proper customer care and business development to support these practices. Healthcare professionals are performing such an honorable job and have made such meaningful advances across the history of humanity in the care they provide to us all. A great recent example is the role played by the medical field workers during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, I decided to work for MacPractice as a leading healthcare software provider in the US and other countries across the globe.

Q. Why is customer service important in your opinion?
A. Customer service is critically important for the success of any company due to several reasons:
  • First, customer service plays an essential role as the first line of support to our clients, hence, it’s important that customer care teams embrace that they are the ambassadors of a company’s name and guardians of its reputation throughout the client’s journey.
  • Second, customer service can be the reason for increasing a company’s customer-base and revenues as the good customer service can be a direct reason behind customers’ word of mouth, promoting and recommending the company’s products and services to friends, colleagues and family which is the best marketing. No wonder NPS (Net Promoter Score) is one of the most common indicators considered in this line of business.
  • Third, customer service can help in outlining a company’s vision and enriching the data/findings held by the decision makers as each interaction with a client can be a treasure in data collection that can help reshaping/changing the upper management’s vision and strategy.

Q. What are the changes being implemented at Mac Practice?
A. We have several changes which are being introduced by the upper management at MacPractice and ValSoft Corporation, our parent company, in order to preserve our client satisfaction and ensure the continuous improvement of our internal processes to drive better customer experience. These include greater investment in our technology solutions and roadmap, expansion of our customer support department, strengthening our leadership teams and upgrading our internal tools to streamline and modernize our processes. 

Q. How are you working on improving the customer experience? 
A. The keys to improve our customer support department are as follows:
  • Showing empathy through our contact with customers 
  • Building a connection with our clients, proactive interactions are essential to improve our customer experience
  • Engaging in timely follow-ups and issue resolution
  • Vivid reaction to our client’s queries and demands
  • Reassuring and keeping our promises of callbacks or actions

To conclude, “Mac is Back” is an initiative to rejuvenate our commitment to our customers. By better listening to their needs, feedback, and swiftly acting upon these, we can proficiently redeploy the MacPractice team’s focus and resources in ways that help us earn our customers’ loyalty and also improve our business and solution suite.

This campaign impacts effectively the process of customer satisfaction by reducing the number of tickets and the time to resolve them. This is a positive reminder that we are committed to developing our services to ensure our clients get the best quality and support out there!