MacPractice is proud to announce that our new financing program through North Star Leasing Company is now live. Practices interested in obtaining financing for their software may visit and click "Apply for Financing" to apply for the program online.

MacPractice has always been there right when you need us. Since 2003, we have devoted ourselves to creating just the right software to partner with our clients and help make their practices the most profitable and effective that they can be. This company value has lead us to design an implementation process that creates the smoothest transition to the MacPractice software possible. As an extension of this excellent service, we recognize that the practices we are proud to call our clients and our partners need greater flexibility in financing options to get started, or even to fund their existing implementation another year. In response, MacPractice has worked with North Star Leasing Company to provide the option to pay over time with financing.

North Star Leasing Company has been helping businesses thrive by offering equipment leasing options for decades. We are pleased to partner with North Star to create an effective, personalized approach to offering our clients financing. In some cases, North Star Leasing Company is also able to arrange funding for new computer systems and other hardware along with your software implementation.

To apply for financing for your MacPractice software through North Star Leasing Company, visit and click "Apply for Financing” at the top of the page.

About MacPractice

MacPractice is a client-centric practice management and clinical software development firm, comprised of highly experienced and caring individuals, dedicated to the development and first-class support of best-of-class software, and associated services for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and eye care professionals.

About North Star Leasing Company

Founded in 1979, North Star Leasing is a provider of equipment financing solutions for businesses in a variety of industries. For the past 40 years, North Star Leasing has focused exclusively on helping businesses grow and expand by providing lease financing for mission critical equipment. North Star Leasing is a direct funder and takes a personalized approach to each application.

About Copley Equity Partners

Copley Equity Partners is a private investment firm that partners with established lower middle-market businesses. Copley invests in companies across a broad range of sectors and is comfortable in both majority or minority ownership positions. Copley invests out of an evergreen, single-family office, capital base making the firm agnostic to the standard private equity fundraising cycle. Copley’s patient and flexible capital base allows the firm to focus on providing each portfolio company significant support post investment.