If you've been with MacPractice for a while now, you probably know that we're not your typical software company. As a client-centric organization, we design our products around the workflow we see in our clients, and it shows! At MacPractice, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the best practice management and clinical software, backed by world-class support. There has never been a more significant time to introduce your colleagues to MacPractice. We've curated five easy steps to make it easier than ever and fill you in on the reward program we've created just for practices like your own.

Check out the Refer-a-Colleague program

If you decide to refer another practice to MacPractice, you may be entitled to a discount on your MacPractice Support fees once the referred party pays in full. In case you haven't heard of it, Refer-a-Colleague allows you to earn discounted or even free MacPractice support by recommending our software to your colleagues. Your practice will receive 15% off your annual Support Fees each time a colleague you referred pays for a year of service.

Mind the "Why?" 

When selecting new software, doctors often have lots of information about the available options, but what they need is a specific recommendation made with their unique practice in mind. Tell your colleague why you chose MacPractice by describing how MacPractice partners with your practice. It can help to discuss how each of the different roles in your office is impacted by using software specially designed for that person's workflow and experience. 

MacPractice has many resources to help you make your points. Our blog post "Why Referrals Matter When Selecting Software" or the prerecorded webinar, "Is MacPractice Right for My Practice?" are both popular options.

Also, please mention that you can give them a discount! They'll get 10% off their Support Fees when they commit to a year of MacPractice Support and pay for a year of service in advance.

Let them see for themselves

Our website at macpractice.com has a wealth of information your colleague will be interested in before making their decision. We've also curated a collection of specialty-specific feature videos that they can browse once they've registered for a demo. Ask them to register for a demo on the MacPractice website. They can specify your name on "How did you hear about us" to claim you as their referer. 

Tell us about it

Please send us the information of any colleagues you refer so that we can keep track of your discount opportunities. To refer a colleague, send your colleague's contact information to referral@macpractice.com. Don't forget that MacPractice Refer-a-Colleague is a tiered, stackable Referral Program with a double-sided reward system. To qualify, your colleague must purchase the MacPractice software, commit to a minimum of one year of MacPractice Support, and pay in full for that year in advance. 


That's it! Your practice will earn 15% off your annual Support Fees once your colleague commits to a minimum of one year of service and pays in full. Our Accounting team will notify you when a discount is applied.