Paperless faxing with MacPractice's integrated Faxing doesn't just save trees, it also saves time and money. Did you know it could even save you from risking non-compliance with HIPAA regulations? HIPAA compliant faxing is essential for any modern healthcare practice, but it is especially vital for practices that want to 'go green' or move towards a paperless practice in the coming year.

Your practice likely puts a lot of time and effort into maintaining HIPAA compliance, including following data privacy and security mandates. Most practices face special challenges in maintaining HIPAA compliance when it comes to paper documents, especially the integration of paper to digital processes. You may use multiple devices, including printers, scanners, faxes, and multipurpose office devices that are a hybrid of functions. Unfortunately, the risk of HIPAA violations often increases with the misuse of these office devices.

Maintaining secure paper records and files is easier with compliant digital solutions like MacPractice Integrated Network fax. Bypassing additional print copies by using Faxing ensures best practices are met by design, and eliminates the need use shared printers for sensitive files. It also eliminates the need to hire IT to configure printers to support secure printing, faxing, and copying.

Faxing can be a convenient HIPAA compliant way to transmit information. Saying goodbye to paper workflows and moving on to automated, integrated faxing processes is more efficient and secure, and brings paper records into MacPractice. MacPractice Integrated Faxing ensures that all faxes are securely received, stored, and transmitted without additional complexity. This limits the potential for unauthorized viewing of your patient’s health information and can maintain patient confidentiality by restricting access through group privileges.

Healthcare is already complex, and HIPAA compliance certainly adds to that complexity. Practice simply with MacPractice Integrated Faxing. You’ll significantly reduced risk of non-compliance, enable more efficient workflows, and meet required data privacy and security policies.

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