Getting a new software can be a mishmash of emotions. 

At first, you’re enthusiastic and everything is amazing. Eventually, you’re comfortable and have a basic understanding. And then it gets to a point where you’re frustrated by something you can’t figure out and end up Googling advice. 

Thankfully, MacPractice understands this mishmash chain of events. And instead of Googling for advice, we take pride in setting up a plethora of channels for clients to educate themselves or to reach out to our knowledgeable support staff for assistance. 


Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just logging in for the first time, here are some tools to help navigate MacPractice resources, see what is set up for your account, and to find support. 

Help Site

The Help Site is a great place for current clients to find information about MacPractice, upcoming mini-classes, videos, and see the latest MacPractice news. Users can go to the Help Site and enter their office’s serial number or users can login into MacPractice and go to Help at the top of the monitor and select ‘MacPractice Help’. 

Once you have arrived at the Help Site, you can read about MacPractice abilities and what they are capable of. Users can navigate to the upper left hand corner of the browser and select the drop down menu ‘Select a Topic.’

Housed under this drop down are all the abilities in MacPractice. Each topic has sub categories to guide you directly to the documentation explaining what you are trying to accomplish, or wish to know more about. 

Other useful information is located in the toolbar along the top of the browser. Clients find that the Videos tab is one of the most useful for viewing how to navigate in an ability. 

The Mini-Classes tab is updated every month to include new topics to learn about. Classes are taught by one of MacPractice’s skilled trainers and last approximately thirty minutes, with a questions and answers segment at the end. All mini-classes are provided to MacPractice clients at no charge. 

And if you are still can’t find the answer to your question on the Help Site, users can select the ‘Need more help?’ tab to email, chat or call a support representative. 

The main section of the Help Site also has a bulletin that alerts users to pertinent news, along with a Weekly update that includes dates for webinars, mini-classes, trade shows and the yearly MacPractice User ConferenceThe bulletin also informs users of exclusive offers from our alliance partners, news for Apple updates, and any health care law changes on a state or federal level that may impact office workflow. 

Help Desk

Currently in beta testing, the Help Desk is a new way for clients to search for the education they need. Each user will have a login created for them by MacPractice and are able to search keywords and phrases. To have a user created, please contact

Products and Services 

For existing MacPractice clients, you can view what abilities your office has purchased by going to the Products and Services Page. You can follow the link or login to MacPractice and go to Help at the top of the monitor and select ‘Products and Services’.  

For abilities your office does have, you can click the ‘Learn More’ option for videos and education. Abilities the office currently has purchased will show as ‘Enabled’. 

MacPractice Website 

To learn more about different purchase options, software requirements, and upcoming webinars, users can click over to our main website, The first section that holds a lot of sought after information is the Software tab. 

Under this tab users can select their specific category of MacPractice (MDDDSDC, or 20/20) and explore the top toolbar, shown below. 

Whether you have MacPractice or not, you can get a summary of all the abilities and options that MacPractice offers and also read reviews from other providers in similar fields. 

Other useful options under the Software Tab include a complete overview of the system hardware requirements for MacPractice, which explains what will be required of the server and terminal machines to run our software. We also have the HIPAA Security tab which gives a thorough synopsis of good office practices and current security news. 

The webinar and events tab is another resource where users can view upcoming dates for webinars and trade shows

Webinars are free to all clients and those that register to view them. Registrants can also view past webinars that cover topics such as security, Medicaid Incentive Programs, and new abilities. 

The trade shows section displays all upcoming shows MacPractice will be attending, with shows added every few weeks. Shows can be added up to a year in advance, allowing ample time to register and make travel arrangements. 

Social Media 

If you are more of a FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn addict, we’ve got those covered too! With weekly updates for events, the latest news, recently released videos, and more, you can easily be kept in the loop of what is going on at MacPractice. You can even send us questions through messages or tweets and someone will respond to your request. 

We also utilize these sites (mainly Twitter and Facebook) to convey early closings due to bad weather or other unexpected events, such as loss of power or phone lines. 

If you have further questions our Support team will be glad to assist! You can email us at or call and speak with our representatives at 877-220-8418.