No-shows cost your practice a lot of money. Help patients keep their appointments by sending customizable text, email and voice reminders. By automating this task, your staff is able to focus on other important clerical tasks, answering phones in a timely manner and providing exceptional service to your patients. This is a great way to improve the patient experience and create a high tech office. MacPractice makes technology work for you.

MacPractice's integration with Auto-Remind provides the following benefits to your practice:

  • Reminders sent via email, Text message (SMS) and Voice calls
  • Multiple reminders can be sent for every appointment
  • Patient confirmation available
  • Choose between several reminder templates
  • Option to personalize your reminders
  • Multiple Language support
  • Online dashboard with detailed message delivery information
  • Capability to block reminders from being issued during specific times 
(eg. late at night)
  • No hardware installation
  • No learning curve! Use immediately
  • Mobile carrier approved service, which include end user approval

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