Just as the human body has arteries and veins designed to pump blood to and from the heart to keep the human body healthy and alive, dentists and physicians also need to have systems in place to keep cash flow moving in order to keep their practice alive.  With the assistance of MacPractice Business Services knowledgeable, trained medical billers and certified coders, physicians can keep their financial lifeblood flowing and have the resistance it takes to fight off “insurance infections” and “denial diseases” that ultimately can have a deadly affect on a clinic’s survival.

Everyone knows the risk factors of little exercise, poor diet and bad habits can cause damage to the human heart.  Similarly, poor billing practices and habits create lost revenue that damages a practice or clinic’s finances.  The largest risk factor is untrained billing staff members who are unfamiliar with the ever-changing insurance rules and regulations and in addition may have limited or no knowledge of medical billing software.  

MacPractice Business Services provides medical coding, claims submission, corrections of clearinghouse rejected claims, payment posting, and follow up on claims and denials.  In addition, they already have the billing software knowledge that is needed in order to perform these tasks.  Using MacPractice Business Services overall saves clinics time and money not only from the very start by eliminating the costs of hiring and training new employees but also throughout the course of time by providing people with the knowledge and tenacity it takes to keep a practice’s cash flow out of the red.

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