It happens all the time - days with back-to-back appointments, perfectly lined up. Then a patient comes in with an emergency, an appointment runs over the allotted time or any other unforeseen circumstance occurs.

All of sudden, a day of appointments has gone from perfectly aligned to a jumble, with staff and providers bouncing from room to room, trying to keep the schedule on time.

For those hectic days, the iPad Check In, Clipboard and iEHR apps will help make each appointment a little easier. 

Check In  

When a patient walks in the door, they can instantly and easily check in for their appointment with the Check In App. Once the patient has signed in, staff throughout the office will be alerted, and the appointment status in MacPractice will change. 

Using this application will save money and time as it eliminates paper sign-in sheets, and information does not have to re-entered into a computer. The app is also HIPAA compliant and patients can not see anyone’s information but their own. 


Once a patient has checked in, they now have the ability to make sure their registration forms are correct. The MacPractice Clipboard App automatically populates as much information as it can, saving the patient time from re-entering information that’s already on file. 

Patients can check over address and phone number, update allergy information, family history and even take their own photo. Once verifying demographics and medical history, the patient can submit the information which will carry into MacPractice for all staff to view. This process streamlines office workflow, allows front desk workers to tend to other patients, and reduces filing of patient paperwork.  And when the patient is seen by the provider, all the of most current information is readily available at their fingertips. 


The patient is waiting for the provider, who is trying to promptly get from room-to-room. Walking down the hall, the provider can begin to pull up the patient’s chart before even opening the door to the examine room.

This electronic health record solution allows providers and staffers the optimize their time with organized and mobile patient data. iEHR simultaneously updates MacPractice EHR on desktops and allows flexibility to go between iPads and computers. 

Charting is made easier by the one page design that allows the user to scroll up and down instead of opening multiple pages. Providers can also import data from previous visits and update notes, instead of recreating them. 

All Encompassing Experience 

From the moment your patient walks in the door, the iPad applications aid in making office workflow as efficient as possible, especially on those unexpectedly busy days. With no paper filing and no redundant data entry, staff time is freed up and can be better dedicated to the care of the patient. 

MacPractice also works to ensure applications are compatible with the most current iOS so your office can remain up-to-date with Apple. Currently, MacPractice is fully compatible with iOS 10, just released by Apple last week. 

If your office currently uses MacPractice and you are interested in the Check In, Clipboard or iEHR app, contact us 402-420-2430. 

If you are interested in MacPractice and looking for a seamless transition into becoming a paperless office, contact our sales team at 646-308-9008 and register for a demo of the applications.