The MacPractice User Conference offers many benefits unique to each member of the office staff. Each of our conference sessions is packed with insights and tips for productivity, efficiency, and happier patients and staff! If you want to learn how to increase productivity in your role within the office, join us at MPUC in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 19-20, 2018.

Plug In and Energize with MacPractice Trainers and Consultants

Take a break from the rush and pressure to gain a new perspective. At MacPractice User Conference you will evaluate current and new workflows to achieve greater efficiency and productivity when upon your return.

Learn from Each Other

At breakfast, lunch, dinner and the Friday Night cocktail party at MacPractice, you will enjoy sharing your experiences in the office including your working with MacPractice. There is a lot you can learn from other MacPractice users who face the same challenges you do every day.

Partners Solution Save Time and Money

MacPractice creates relationships with alliance partners that work in concert with your MacPractice software to save your practice money, increase collections, be efficient, solve problems, and make life easier. There is an offsetting benefit to you for every product and service, should you choose to invest. MacPractice selects companies that have compatible ethics with its officers and employees. They look for business and clinical products and services that are competitively priced, service is excellent, and development teams that work closely with MacPractice to provide creative solutions with a highly integrated workflow. Where MacPractice can develop add-on services and provide them at lower prices than others, MacPractice has done that too.


  • Schedule Ability
  • Form building
  • Notes Ability
  • Claims & eClaim Management
  • Accounting Ability
  • Statement Management
  • Ledger & Financial Management
  • Patient Portal, Online Scheduling and Registration Forms.
  • EHR & iPad apps
  • Labs, Orders and Attachments
  • Medical EMR & Kiosk
  • State of MacPractice presentation. (Mark Hollis)
  • Apple hardware and technology to use with MacPractice (Mark Hollis)