The demands of healthcare billing tend to fluctuate with patient demand, insurance industry changes, employee turnover, billing staff vacations and leave, and backlogs of aging claims. Sometimes these needs, while critical, are only temporary. Hiring a billing service hourly or even just short-term can get your billing back on track, while quickly addressing the fluctuation. 

Seeking a boost from a billing service is also a great way find out if your revenue cycle management system is up to speed, or needs some extra help. Billing services provide access to highly knowledgeable and experienced billers that have expert comprehension of software and productive billing techniques. They can work with your current team to implement an invoice management solution that will maximize profit.

MacPractice Business Services provides temporary billing services to help get healthcare organizations through operational challenges. A professional, qualified biller will assist you through any challenges, regardless of how temporarily you need support. With a reliable team to work on your accounts receivables, you’ll increase collections and reduce account aging while minimizing the additional staffing costs of hiring a new employee. Expert billing support will allow you will recover lost, missed, or aging claims that can significantly increase revenue.

Specific services include sending paper and electronic claims, following up with insurance denials, claim appeals, posting insurance and patient payments, rectifying any past A/R, and sending out statements. Our expert billers also have dedicated insight into working with ICD-10 coding and excellent knowledge of medical terminology required for posting. Billers are competent in HIPAA compliance and securing office data.

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