Billing Services can save your practice in a lot of ways... time, money, and maybe even save your practice in general. Many small practice owners cite anxiety over getting paid as the number one cause of making the decision to sell their practice.  Medical billing is complex and changes very quickly. It can be difficult for any small practice to keep up with the demands of running a business and providing excellent patient care. When billing becomes overwhelming, unfortunately it is the the care we provide our patients that takes the biggest hit. 

MacPractice Billing Services can make managing your billing so much easier because we have a dedicated team that works tirelessly to get you paid. We can get started in 2-5 business days! Transitioning is simple and fast. We can work through the bureaucracy and red tape of insurance payment and help you collect more, faster. We manage your billing, while you gain freedom to run your business and see patients.

When choosing a billing service, experience matters. MacPractice Business Services has several team members with over 20 years of experience each, helping practices like yours with revenue cycle management. Whether you are looking for a short term billing service solution or are ready to hand it off, we have a dedicated group of employees inside of MacPractice ready to handle your medical billing.

When you use MacPractice Billing Services, you can continue to use the MacPractice clinical and practice management software features that your practice already trusts. Your billing database will continue to be connected to your clinical database , so you can continue to send codes directly from your patient forms in EHR or EMR to your billing team very efficiently and without redundant data entry.

At MacPractice Business Services, enhancing profitability for healthcare professionals through savvy revenue management and steadfast customer service is our mission. Our flexible plans work with every practice. Whether you're looking for quick training, preparing for staff medical leave or just need billing management, we have a plan to suit your needs, let us manage your revenue so you can focus on your patients.