With the end of the year quickly approaching, we encourage you to review the backup and data storage policies of your practice. MacPractice Support recommends creating backups on an external device or disc daily. We also recommend that you rotate the backup media for each day of the week your practice is open to inexpensively reduce the impact of a potential device malfunction. We further suggest that you label each drive or disc with the day of the week to avoid confusion (Monday Backups, Tuesday Backups, and so on). Retain at least one backup for the following time periods:

  • The last 2 business weeks or 10 business days
  • The end of every month  
  • The end of every quarter 
  • The end of the fiscal year

For more on Best Practices for backing up your MacPractice data, see the Backup Guide.

Dolly Drive: MacPractice Approved Offsite Backup

MacPractice has partnered with Dolly Drive to enable MacPractice users to perform a supplementary online backup through Dolly Drive's cloud services. You can back up existing MacPractice backups data to Dolly Drive's secure servers. Learn More...