It can be confusing to buy or change software because often times the software can be misrepresented and dentists are lead to believe it can do things it can't, or vice versa. You can't run your practice without software and if it's not running smoothly, your practice isn't either.

Take into consideration the total cost of ownership, especially after the first year. TCO expenses include the cost of software, the server, IT consultant to set it up,ongoing IT support, and more. Most of this is commonly required when using Windows software to run the practice. MacPractice is different, very different.

Our clients say that MacPractice DDS has saved them $10,000 or more annually on ongoing IT support cost alone. The hardware and software are developed to work effortlessly together so you don't need monthly IT visits. MacPractice DDS is designed with standard Mac OS X as a non-dedicated server. Most dentists can do basic setup of MacPractice DDS since it's “plug & play”. MacPractice has regional Practice Consultants for on-site help. Easy, less expensive and less stress..that's MacPractice DDS.

MacPractice DDS is innovative software that is Meaningful Use certified and HIPAA compliant. Our latest version 5.1 has game-changing features like next generation charting, integrated iOS native apps for iPad, online registration, patient portal, integrated reputation marketing, integrated digital imaging, and more. It all works seamlessly with Apple's advanced technology.