MacPractice DDS is comprehensive practice management and clinical software with the most advanced features and abilities: robust charting, certified EDR/EHR, reputation marketing for online reviews, billing, recall and integrated online patient services. MacPractice also partners with top manufacturers of the most highly rated sensors, phosphor plate, panoramic, cephalometric, cone beam and intraoral camera solutions to provide built-in Mac-native digital imaging.

Going mobile will simplify your workflow. For quick and easy patient check-in and registration, check out the MacPractice Clipboard and CheckIn apps for iPad. These apps will reduce staff workload, eliminate the sign-in sheet and push data entry to the patients. iEHR provides dentists the ability to display x-rays and photos on an iPad in the exam room with the patient. Once you try these apps, you won't want to live without them.

The Patient Portal allows patients to register and schedule online appointments from home or in your waiting room. Patients can see future appointments and communicate securely with the doctor and staff to avoid HIPAA compliance issues and penalties that can run up to $50,000 per incident.

Are you aware that dentists who meet the required minimum number of Medicaid visits are eligible for a government incentive of $63,750 per dentist? MacPractice DDS is ONC-ACB 2014 Edition certified*. To meet certification requirements, MacPractice DDS was developed with the most advanced security and fully integrated secure messaging. MacPractice was also designed to support multi-specialty and multi-discipline practices and offers paper and electronic billing.

MacPractice, Inc. has 30,000 users and 140 employees at the corporate headquarters in Lincoln, NE. The in-house Support staff offers exceptional customer service and are well-trained to have extensive knowledge on our portfolio of products. Our developers have created a best-of-class software for dentists and doctors who choose Apple products for their ease of use, reliability and lower cost of maintenance.

Quite simply, MacPractice is the most advanced dental software on the market and is designed by an actual software company. Register at to see demo videos or register for our intro webinar and learn more about MacPractice DDS.