Could you use an excellent, permanent or temporary billing management service? 

MacPractice Business Services, which offers a unique billing services division comprised of highly knowledgeable and experienced billers that provide devoted service to ensure your office’s financial success.

Our billing service employees will work with your staff to capitalize on the benefits of MacPractice to save time and money all while maximizing your revenue. 


Billing Services is perfect for offices with:

  •  Front desk and billing staff turnover 

  • Overwhelmed, multi-position staff 

  •  Lack of time for training 

  • Financial errors or concerns with cash payments

  • Employees on temporary leave

  •  Inexperienced staff who do not understand the denial process, appeals, timely filing and general insurance terminology

Upon registering for Billing Services, the following products are inclusive for offices:

  • ERA Enrollment (if not already enrolled)

  • Attachments

  • Monthly eClaims

  • Number of users are increased 

  • eStatements Enrollment

  • Check eligibility

Our experienced billers take the tools that are readily available in MacPractice and couple them with our productive billing techniques for an all encompassing invoice management solution that will maximize profit and diminish headaches.

Some of the services provided include sending out paper and electronic claims, following up with any insurance denials, claim appeals, posting insurance and patient payments, rectifying any past A/R, and sending out statements. Our expert billers are competent in HIPAA compliance and are able to clean up financials without removing data from your office’s database. 

To learn more about Business Services, MacPractice would be happy for provide your office with a free quote today!