Most Patients Use Portals


Widespread Patient Portal adoption has helped increase overall patient engagement with 70% of surveyed patients reporting that they’ve used a portal in 2017. According to a survey CDW Healthcare survey released at HIMSS17, an impressive 98% of patients have access to a patient portal through a general practice or specialist. 


Interview with a MacPractice User Conference Planner


Leighton Heusinger has been busy planning the upcoming MacPractice User Conference in Portland - really busy! He is a Traveling Corporate Trainer for MacPractice who plans the conference from the MacPractice Headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska when he's not visiting a practice. He has played a leading role in the development and orchestration of five MacPractice Corporate Conferences. Before working for MacPractice he studied Nursing. 


Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership


With so many software solutions to choose from for the success of your practice, it is easy to assume that cost is the key factor in selecting your vendor business partner, but keep in mind that hidden costs abound in the EHR software marketplace. When selecting your software, evaluate the "total cost of ownership" (TCO), which includes the initial cost of software, installation, training, and ongoing costs. 


The Value of Independent Research When Selecting Software


Choosing the right healthcare software to invest in is difficult. There are hundreds of features, capabilities, and issues providers must keep in mind when comparing the value between different software products. 

Software vendors are often quick to point out all of a product’s pros and none of its cons, so independent assessments of quality and value are incredibly useful for prospective clients. Unbiased reviews can provide objective references with comparison points to rank products.


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Collect More, Faster with Expert Billing Service



Macs More Manageable, Widely Adopted Than PC


According to a survey of IT professionals, Apple products are easier to manage in security, device configuration, software deployment, and support - 62% said the Mac is easier to deploy.

Apple’s growing popularity enterprise is fueled by device choice programs, where employee preference leans towards Apple devices. Of employers surveyed, 44% offered a choice between a Mac or PC, leading to a 74% increase in Mac adoption. For example, IBM now has the largest Mac deployment for enterprise after deploying almost 100,000 new Macs through their company choice policy. Nearly 73% of IBM employees choose a Mac.

Educators also choose Apple. Of K-12 schools, 90% use iPads, and 70% use Mac. In post-secondary education, 80% use Macs. In 2013, 50% of all classrooms devices were Apple and those products are largely still in use today. Even with the growing use of new, cheaper Chromebooks purchased for student use, Macs account for a higher percentage of laptops used in classrooms.


Why Hire a Billing Service Instead of an Employee


Practices who hire MacPractice Billing Service are boosting billing to recoup more money with professional help, but they are also saving money by avoiding the need to hire and train a new biller as a staff member. 


Paperless Faxing Improves HIPAA Compliance


Paperless faxing with MacPractice's integrated Faxing doesn't just save trees, it also saves time and money. Did you know it could even save you from risking non-compliance with HIPAA regulations?

Your practice likely puts a lot of time and effort into maintaining HIPAA compliance, including following data privacy and security mandates. Most practices face special challenges in maintaining HIPAA compliance when it comes to paper documents, especially the integration of paper to digital processes. You may use multiple devices, including printers, scanners, faxes, and multipurpose office devices that are a hybrid of functions. Unfortunately, the risk of HIPAA violations often increases with the misuse of these office devices.


Top Four Things To Consider Before Adopting New Practice Software


Doctors have much to consider in the way of features, cost, and usability when it comes to selecting new software for their practices. Considering these four commonly overlooked points will help you choose a secure system that can grow with you.


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