Technology Update for Doctors and Practice Managers


In 2021, there have been many changes in the healthcare industry, particularly with the technologies on which practices depend. As practices adapt to huge developments and challenges in healthcare, they are also adopting new technology to streamline their workflows. Unfortunately, many doctors and practice managers are learning that embracing technology and adapting to it isn't necessarily a synchronized experience within their practice. 


Recovery Plans for the Prepared Practice


With summer storms, floods, power outages, and hurricanes season right around the corner, many practices are preparing to keep their offices running as smoothly as possible in the event of a disaster or computer failure. As healthcare practices begin annual preparations and plans, they work out strategies to stay online in network outages and prepare their team for emergencies. Having an established disaster recovery plan can help your office to feel more secure about your business's ability to overcome any adverse events, seasonal or otherwise. 


This Summer's Top Practice Goals


After a couple of long years for doctors, practices everywhere are excited to grow their business, enhance patient care, and create a work culture they love. From developing a strategy to bring a practice's financial health into the future to technology's improvements and revenue cycle management, practices are finding opportunities for efficiency and engagement of staff and patients alike. Here are five #PracticeGoals your office can focus on over the summer. 


How to easily accept secure patient payments in MacPractice



Going Green and Saving Green with Paperless Faxing


The average practice spends up to $162 every month on faxing alone. For every 5,000 fax pages, these costs include $72 on toner, $50 per case of paper, and $40 for each fax line – this doesn't even factor in staff cost, time, and disruption of focus. If you consider that your office staff spends approximately 2 minutes per fax – going to and from the fax machine, manually dialing numbers, printing and filing transmission reports, scanning faxes into charts, and locating or duplicating work to find faxes or fax them again. Now, think about the number of faxes your practice gets every day. Multiply by the rate you pay your office staff, and that's how much faxing costs your practice. Doctors and practice managers are frequently surprised by this cost!


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Your Backup Questions Answered



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Apps in Practice


Doctors want to run their practices with Apple technology. Fortunately, it has never been more accessible or more affordable. Doctors (along with everyone else) have iMacs, iPhones, and other Apple products at home because of the user-friendly design, ease of use, and longevity. Over 64% of the US population now owns an Apple product of some kind (iPhone, iMac, iPad, and so on), and the average American household owns 2.6 Apple products. 


You'll Love Switching to MacPractice


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you don't love your practice's software, it is time to consider a change. Many small to mid-sized medical and dental practices hold on to software that does not serve their needs or may even distract from patient care. Switching to a different software feels more daunting than sticking it out with a lousy product to many of these practices. They may also think that switching software must always mean enduring a potentially expensive and time-consuming transition to the new product. They may also feel that there's still a chance they won't even be much happier with the latest software. 


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