ImageMaster IntraOral Cameras


The METAL IS BACK! A brand new all metallic billet aluminum IntraOral Camera handpiece that is literally indestructible and chemically resistant. Handsomely designed with a polished, brushed appearance and color plated handpiece shell. It’s rated as the most durable intraoral camera on the market! This camera is also a USB direct plug-in device using Microsoft’s new UVC device platform so it’s totally plug-and-play and doesn’t require drivers. Image is processed by a high resolution C-MOS sensor and proprietary lighting, requiring just two FF-LEDs. Camera features small anti-fog lens/tip, onboard controls with buttons top & bottom for capturing, light intensity, gray scale, a Visual Enhancement mode (VET) which enables transillumination to see cracks, decay and vascular disorders. Camera also features electronic pointing arrow and image orientation and is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

ImageMaster USB

The ImageMaster USB is a UVC plug-and-play intraoral camera that does not require drivers to operate. It is completely digital, uses a high resolution C-MOS imaging sensor and a proprietary lighting system requiring only two LEDs. Features include: Ergonomic handpiece with a small anti-fog lens tip. Button controls at both top & bottom for capturing, three levels of light intensity, a gray scale (black & white), a new Visual Enhancement Technology mode (VET), that enables transillumination to better help see cracks, decay and vascular disorders, an electronic on-screen pointing arrow for pointing out concerned areas and choices of image orientation (mirrored or direct views). Camera comes in optional colored plastic or in a new all Billet aluminum handpiece package. Camera is Plug and Play in both PC (XP/7&8) and Macs.

888-GR8-IMAGE (478-4624)

  • Excellent rating for Image Quality from the CRA, Gordon Christensen
  • Proprietary illumination and electronics, based on Microsoft’s UVC platform
  • Microsoft certifiable, and is also compatible with MAC operating systems
  • No drivers required to run in 32 or 64 bit based systems
  • Image sensor is a Wide-Screen CMOS imager provided by OmniVision Technologies
  • Solid State lighting system uses only 2 FFLEDs which illuminates its entire field view and enables a small tip
  • Sensor Resolution is 752 x 480 with an optional 640 x 480 (available upon request)
  • Focus is adjustable, a new “detent-control” design allows for easy and clear images from 0mm to Full Face
  • Anti-fog lens tip, which is thermatically controlled, no more foggy images
  • Light control, has 3 levels of intensity plus off
  • Camera controls are designed for single handed use
  • Ergonomics are well thought out, pleasing you with easy access both inside and outside the mouth
  • Top and bottom capture buttons and mid-located slider focus control
  • Images can be switched from direct view to mirror view right on handpiece
  • An on screen Arrow can be toggle on and off when needed to point at a specific area of concern
  • Auto on/off feature, camera turns off when placed in handpiece cup holders
  • Tablet PC ready, direct USB plug-in, no extra docking boxes needed
  • Perfect fitting sheaths every time
  • Two year factory warranty


  • Solid State lighting using 2 proprietary FF-LEDs
  • UVC Compliant (Windows, Mac and Linux) no drivers required, plug it in and it works
  • Anti-fog thermally conductive lens
  • Diagnostic capabilities for Caries detection and tooth translucency, seeing from inside out
  • Three levels of light intensity including off
  • Display modes: Color and black and white with gray scale for color matching
  • Views can be toggled from handpiece between direct and or mirrored (left-to-right)
  • Electronic on screen arrow for pointing (on or off)
  • Power supplied via USB port (< 100ma standby, < Below 500ma operational)
  • USB 2.0 Type-A connector to computer (mini-B to handpiece receptacle)


  • Resolving Power : 200 LP/mm
  • Angle of View : 80°
  • Direction of View: 90° to hand-piece center
  • Focal Range: 0mm to infinity (adjustable) Sensor: 1/3 inch CMOS color sensor with Progressive Scanning
  • Available resolution: Wide-screen VGA 752x480 (Std.)
  • Optional, VGA 640x480

Physical Specifications: (Camera Handpiece)

  • Width of Hand-piece: 24.5 mm (1.00 inches)
  • Height of Hand-piece: 24.5 mm (1.00 inches)
  • Length of Hand-piece: 230 mm (9.00 inches)
  • Length of Hand-piece cable: 3 meters (10 Feet)
  • Handpiece Weight: 6.3 oz (180g)
  • Environmental conditions:
    • 6.3 oz (180g)
    • Temp: 0° to 50°C
    • Humidity: max. 95%