HIPAA compliant offsite supplementary internet backup for MacPractice

Dolly Drive offers HIPAA compliant offsite storage of backups of MacPractice. A MacPractice tailored version of Dolly Drive has been optimized for easy integration with the existing MacPractice backups folder. Of course Dolly Drive can backup all of your other important files as well.

Dolly Drive is an award winning cloud storage and backup provider focused on the Mac eco-system. As the leading Mac solution developer for medical, dental, chiropractic and optic practices, MacPractice is an ideal partner to help doctors that use Macs backup their data safely to the cloud.

The version of Dolly Drive that is customized for MacPractice users features:

  • Dolly Drive's set it and forget it functionality
  • Designed specifically for data stored in the MacPractice environment
  • Award winning interface
  • HIPAA compliant online backup

More Information and Pricing

Access Everything Everywhere

In your office, at home, on your MacBook or your iPad, you can access your files anywhere with Space. Keep multiple Macs in sync, securely share files and folders, and access your files from DollyDrive's web portal.

Simple Cloud Backups

Cloud Backup quickly and automatically backs up your Mac in the cloud. Using DollyDrive's restore interface, you can easily restore any file, any time. Even better, DollyDrive features versioned back up, so you can roll back to an earlier version of your file anytime.

Safe & Sound

DollyDrive uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data before it's stored on our secure servers. Don't worry, your secrets are safe with us.

Extra Protection

For extra protection, use DollyDrive to create an independent local backup of your data on a second hard drive. DollyDrive even offers a Clone function, so you can be up and running again in the time it takes to restart your Mac.

Go Mobile

With iDolly on your iPhone or iPad, your files are only a tap away. Never carry your laptop and still have access to all your files.

Easy as Pie

Our streamlined interface combines all DollyDrive's services into one easy-to-use Status Bar. Finder integration means DollyDrive works the way you do, and our Scheduler gives you set-it-and-forget-it protection, automatically. DollyDrive the easiest way to store, share, and back up what's important to you.