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Save staff time while improving patient communication - ALL built into MacPractice.
Two-Way Texting built into MacPractice

Our partner AutoRemind facilitates Two-way texting (Text2Way), which you can access directly from within MacPractice. Text2Way is an effective and convenient way to communicate with your patients. Arrange new appointments or reschedule existing ones easily. Send patients who authorize a short message about a balance due, appointment time delay, or send their lab result. The opportunities are endless! Text2Way saves you time and money, enhances customer satisfaction and sustains close relationships.

AutoRemind provides fully automated messaging to your patients via text, email as well as voice calls (most competing services do not offer this option)

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Time Saver

Replace the calls with a text. Even the shortest call takes 3-5 minutes. What took minutes before, will now be done in seconds. You will save time and make your work more efficient. Two-way texting is the most efficient way to communicate with your patients.

Convenience for all

Send the text and the patient can read and answer at their convenience, and so can you. By being able to access AutoRemind's portal from anywhere, you can conveniently text patients to stay in real-time dialogue even when you are away from your office.

Product overview


Improve your workflow by automating your messaging and alerts, making your practice more efficient.


Show your patients you care, while keeping them informed about your practice.


Create revenue by marketing directly to your patients and improving your online reputation.

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