3D Imaging Software

MacPractice and Anatomage are working together to bring the ultimate clinician experience to Mac OS. Now a clinician can move seamlessly between a patient record and the patient’s 3D image on Mac OS by using MacPractice and InvivoMac. After 3D diagnosis and treatment planning in InvivoMac, the patient treatment plan can be saved and automatically imported into the patient record on MacPractice. When needed for patient presentation or further clinical review, the patient treatment plan can be accessed from MacPractice which automatically launches InvivoMac for viewing the 3D case. This significantly simplifies file management and organization for any clinician on Mac OS.

InvivoMac offers intuitive 3D implant planning, restoration design, airway analysis, TMJ analysis, orthodontic and endodontic treatment planning tools, and more. Additionally, Anatomage’s lab in San Jose, CA, fabricates highly accurate implant surgical guides providing trajectory and depth control during implant surgery. Anatomage Guide is used to place any implant and is compatible with surgical guide kits from many major implant manufacturers.

InvivoMac makes sending cases fast and easy by connecting to Anatomage Cloud. Anatomage Cloud is a universal medical image sharing platform that allows any doctor to easily send a medical image for instant review to another doctor. The recipient can access the image from anywhere and instantly review the image on any device - including mobile. By using a web browser based 3D viewer, no software installation is needed to view the image. InvivoMac and Anatomage Cloud simplify the process of sharing and viewing 3D medical images between doctors.

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