Acteon X-Mind Trim


ACTEON® presents its new X-MIND® TRIUM panoramic dental unit which can be upgraded to 3D (CBCT) and/or cephalometry. It has a full range of medium FOV sizes to facilitate 2D and 3D examinations.

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Phosphor Plate Scanner

PSPIX - The First personal imaging plate scanner

Just Click and Scan!

With award winning SOPRO IMAGING software the PSPIX can be shared across your operatories. Simply reserve the scanner or select your work-station on the touchscreen, insert your plate and let the PSPIX do the rest. Images scan in seconds and are immediately available.

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Fully Automated Process

  • AUTO-ACCESS – door only opens when a plate is detected
  • AUTO-DETECT - plate size is automatically detected
  • AUTO-SCAN – PSPIX scans and optimizes images before saving them into a patient record
  • AUTO-EJECT – plates are automatically erased and ejected
  • ECO-MODE - automatically enters standby-mode to save power when not in use



The SOPIX2® is a state-of-the art CMOS digital imaging x-ray sensor which utilizes SOPRO’s patented ACE® technology. This exclusive technology analyzes, in real time, the amount of X-ray emission received by the sensor and once the optimal emission requirement is met, the sensor shuts itself off. So with ACE technology, SOPIX2® images can never be overexposed. This ensures that the first shot is always perfect and clear. SOPIX2® sensors are available in size 1 or size 2.

X-Mind Unity

X-Mind Unity is ergonomic and easy. The sensor is connected to the IO x-ray head. With patented ACE Technology, over-exposed images are eliminated.

The X-Mind™ Unity can accommodate any operatory configuration. 3 arm lengths are available: 0.40 m, 0.80 m, 1.10 m and can be top or bottom mounted. With its adaptable wall plate, it is easy to replace an older generator with the X-MindTM Unity without having to do additional drilling on the wall.

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Intraoral Cameras


The SoproLIFE® (Light Induced Fluorescence Evaluator) diagnoses both occlusal and interproximal caries and differentiates with outstanding accuracy healthy tissue from infected tissue, guiding you to only treat and excavate decayed areas. SoproLIFE® is an indispensable aid for the practitioner preferring minimally invasive dentistry. In addition to its diagnostic features, SoproLIFE® is an excellent intraoral camera.


Utilizing autofluorescence and chromatic amplification, SoproCARE® reveals caries and adds a second mode to detect dental plaque and tartar. In addition, SoproCARE® is the only product on the market that reveals gingival inflammation in real time. Only with SoproCARE® can the dental professional now achieve complete prophylactic treatment with just one device.

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